mercredi 22 novembre 2017

Fall update !!!

In order of appearance :

Thor Ragnarok - 24 x 36" giclee print for hero complex gallery's show in November 2017.

Interceptor fest poster (Bordeaux - France - extrem music festival).

LP artwork - front and back cover.

Small Cthuluh for Gallery E2/Sterput(Brussels).

Daredevil #1 - rejected piece - more soon about this...

Wyatt E. shirt design - Really nice band from Liège(BE).

Magasin 4 November 2017 flyer.

New label for Cantillon's 50°N-4°E.

New label for De Ranke's famous Guldenberg.

More soon and if you want to see WIP and originals check my instagram !

Cheers !!!

mardi 20 juin 2017

Interceptor Fest, Trap them, Birds in Row...

 Visual identity for Bordeaux's Interceptor Fest 2017.
More soon about this !

Trap them/Birds in row/Archivist/Daggers
silkscreen poster for their gig at la zone-Liège
I'll have a small run of those soon !

Cheers !!!!

Hellfest official poster 2017 - La Gale canada tour

 Hellfest official silkscreen 2017.
I will have a bunch of those soon, I'll keep you update !

La Gale Canada tour 2017 promo poster

Oxbow Sumac european tour 2017 - Lolla Palooza Paris

 Heyyyy !!!!
In order :

Oxbow/Sumac European tour 2017 
Soon, few posters will hit the store !!

Lolla Palooza paris edition logo.

mercredi 26 avril 2017

Alien poster in the store for Alien day !!!

Heyyyy !!!

I just add few copies in my store of the poster I did for Alien last year !
It was a real challenge to work on it especially because 
I broke my drawing hand in the middle of the process ! ^^
Anyway, they're here and they're looking great !
Cheers !


jeudi 20 avril 2017

Buried at sea hit the store X Noise for eyes in Brussels

 Here is my letterpressed leporello book I did 
The book was masterfully printed on an old heidelberg at l'appât atelier(Thanks guys !!!)
It's a very limited edition and he is right now on my store !!!!

And here the original drawings I did for my book.
Micron pen on paper - 18 x 9 CM.

You can see all this drawing and maaaany more at my solo exhibiton "Noise for eyes"
in Brussels before May the 20th at galerie E2/Sterput(rue du pont neuf, 4 - Brussels)

Cheers !!!

mercredi 1 mars 2017

Big update : Brazil - Iron maiden...


 Hey !!!
It's been a while !
So, in order, my Brazil poster is now available here
I had the oportunity to work for Iron maiden on an old school illustration ^^
LLNN - WOVOKA split LP, 2 killer band !
Swan valley heights logo for german psychedelic stoner rock band 
De Ranke brewery(one of the best) rebranding labels !

More to come !
Enjoy !
Cheers !!!